Premium paperboard

Premium paperboard

For decades, we’ve produced high-quality paperboard for various uses under the Structure-Pak and Structure-Serv brand names. Our paperboard is converted by our customers into the equivalent of six billion liter-sized cartons of milk each year, sold to consumers around the world. 

Our advanced facility allows us to produce three-layer bleached paperboard. Our versatile co-extruders can manufacture products with oxygen barrier properties and LDPE coating of various thickness in both single-side or double-side coated board.

Gable-top carton stock for premium milk substitutes, milk, juice, and sake

Oven-able for freezer-to-oven foods, like pizza

Hot and cold cups and other fresh and dry food packaging

Premium paperboard quality and food safety

We put people first, providing everyday food packaging products that are safe for human use. We’re committed to meeting our customers’ quality and food safety needs and regulatory requirements, and continuously improve our product offerings by using our Quality and Food Safety Management Systems across our Liquid Packaging Board process.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification


FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification

We were the first North American paper-producing mill to obtain this certification.